Thomas More College's President's Council Symposium on the Liturgy at the Harvard Club, Boston

The symposium, entitled, The Language of Liturgy, Does it Matter? features Fr George Rutler, Dr Rusty Reno, and Anthony Esolen. At the dinner which follows, the keynote speaker is Fr Benedict Groeschel. The symposium and the dinner both take place at the Harvard Club in downtown Boston on Saturday, December 3rd. Last year's event at the same grand venue was a wonderful occasion that launched the vision of President Dr William Fahey that establishes Thomas More College of Liberal Arts as New England's Catholic liberal arts college and a beacon of both orthodoxy and the New Evangelisation through cultural renewal. This year's  builds on that theme by focussing on the liturgy - consideration of which mustright at the forefront and centre of any meaningful action to this end. All of our speakers have a deep interest in both liturgy and culture and so this promises to be a great occasion. Details can be found here.

All the speakers, dinner and symposium, are worth travelling to see. I am particularly interested to here Fr George Rutler speaking as he has shown particular interest in the ling between liturgy and culture and is one of the leading lights in the newly created XXXXX, which seeks to promote art and artists within the Church.