Do the expanded, college-level Way of Beauty online course for a third of the price

220px-Philo_medievYou can audit the college level course for just $299 (full price for credit is $900); and if you have done the cont. ed course already, then we will deduct what you have paid already and you can take that next step up for just $200 A number of people have been asking me about the difference between the  differences in the content of the college level course and the one for continuing education. The answer is quite a lot! There are 21 more videos to watch, including a whole history of Western art from the Greeks to the present day, so you can put all the theory presented into context much easier. There are also videos showing how modern astrophysics is compatible with ancient cosmology; how both are in harmony with the cosmic symbolism of the liturgy by taking you through the day of worship at a traditional Benedictine monastery; and giving greater detail on the nature of beauty itself. Furthermore there are opportunities to take part in interactive seminars after each new video which guide you to greater understanding of the information you are receiving.

For more information go to the Online Course page on this blog, or direct the Catalog at www.Pontifex.University