News: Podcast Starts Tomorrow, August 16th

Starting on Thursday, August 16th there will be a weekly podcast posted on, and thereafter each Thursday.

The format will be a conversation between myself and my friend Charlie Deist, who is both technician and interlocutor who poses questions and keeps me on track if I stray too far from topic! You can find them on the 'Podcast' page of this website. 

Podcast WoB#1 is about the series of spiritual exercises process of discernment that lead to my becoming an artist, a writer, a Catholic and now a podcaster! They are described also in my new book The Vision For You - How to Discover the Life You Were Made For

Thereafter we will be discussing wide ranging topics that you are used to seeing in the blog, all relating to culture, faith and beauty - from prayer and economics, to art, architecture, and gardening. 

I look forward to some great conversation and I hope you will join us!