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The Vision for You

How to Discover the Life You Were Made For

Thirty years ago I met a elderly gentleman called David Birtwistle who convinced me, a bitter and unhappy atheist that if if I did a series of simple daily exercises of prayer, meditation and good works I would be able to fulfil my dream of being an artist. He sold it as a 'spiritual' program. What I didn't know was that he was giving me ancient wisdom from the Western spiritual tradition going back to the desert Fathers. This transformed nearly every aspect of my life and gave so much more than I had anticipated. As a result I became an artist, a Catholic and could enjoy life. David is the man who guided me to the Way of Beauty, a path I have been on ever since. . 

You don’t have to be Catholic, or even Christian for this process to work  or the Christian understanding of why it works (although it helps) – you just need to be open-minded enough to do what is suggested. You just need to take the actions it describes and be willing to believe that there is a God. In other words, act as though He exists regardless of whether you believe it. This is Pascal's wager in operation!

I have since taken dozens of people through this process and seen the same impact on their lives. This has inspired me to make it more widely available by writing this book.

The Way of Beaty: Liturgy, Education, and Inspiration for Family, School, and College

In The Way of Beauty, I describes how a true Catholic education is both a program of liturgical catechesis and an inculturation that aims for the supernatural transformation of the person so that he can in turn transfigure the whole culture through the divine beauty of his daily action. There is no human activity, no matter how mundane, that cannot be enhanced by this formation in beauty. Such enhanced activity then resonates in harmony with the common good and, through its beauty, draws all people to the Church—and ultimately to the worship of God in the Sacred Liturgy.



The Little Oratory: A Beginner's Guide to Prayer in the Home

With simplicity and holy wisdom,  we show you how to bring peace to your home by integrating your family into the calm, truly joyful way of Mother Church. Her feasts and seasons, prayers and devotions are gifts that draw us closer to God and unfold before us His marvelous plan of salvation.

To help you live the liturgical life of the Church more fully, David and Leila reclaim here an almost lost tradition that families used for centuries to build a beautiful bridge between home and church: the little oratory.