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Thank you for being part of the Way of Beauty community. The Way of Beauty is a way of life. It is the most attractive and joyful way of life open to us, because it is the most direct path to God. Our teacher and guide is Western tradition, a great spiritual and cultural treasury full of mystery and beauty, offering the path of joy.

But so few know about it.

Would you be happy if this website was to disappear tomorrow?

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Last week (Sept 2019), I was contacted by an Italian missionary, who wanted help with the Clayton psalm tones. He wanted to teach a community of Christians in Pakistan to sing the Divine Office in English. I was able to send him all the materials he wanted free of charge. He wouldn’t have known about this except for

Most of this material is free and I want it to stay that way. But it still costs time and money just to keep going. I have been gradually increasing the range of materials we offer and the quality but it has been slow progress. We could do so much more if we had greater resources.

If you can contribute even just a small amount, that would be great, and I will personally guarantee you a cup of tea if you ever come to the East Bay!

If you don’t feel that you want to donate (and not everyone can, I understand), please do keep coming to site and don’t hesitate to continue enjoying what we offer.

May God bless you and keep you, David

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