Help Us to Train Catholic Artists of the Future

As announced, we are again making a weekly day of training in the academic method of drawing available to Thomas More College students as part of the Way of Beauty program and the college's art guild of St Luke. Students participating in these programs are keen to develop their artistic skills  while integrating them with an understanding of Catholic principles in art.  This is a unique opportunity for young people and the students who take this chance will be our future Catholic artists.

Each semester, many students are struggling to pay the $350 per year to study at the Ingbretson Studios.  This is extremely good value given the time and quality of training they are getting but to  our students, who have to pay for it on top of their standard tuition, room, and board at the College for the liberal arts degree, it is still a lot of money.  The $350 is coming out of their own limited funds.

I do not want money to be a barrier in the formation of Catholic artists.  Especially when it’s only $350!  This is why I—for the very first time ever—am trying to raise a little money.  I would like to secure 10 student sponsors at $350 each.  That is ten more students getting world-class training in naturalistic drawing.   If we can raise $3,500, this will fully fund these scholarships for an entire 12 months.

You can become a sponsor by donating here.  Your gift is tax-deductible.

When you make your donation, you need not worry about indicating what your donation is supporting.  Nobody ever uses my donate button anyway, so I’ll assume any donation this week is in support of these scholarships.

If you are able to sponsor two aspiring artists, please do so.  If are unable to provide for a full scholarship, please consider gifts of $100, $50, $25, or even $10.

I do not like raising money, but because 100% of it is going to help these young Catholics develop their artistic skills, I felt that it was important to send out an appeal.  I will keep you updated on student developments at Ingbretson Studios throughout the year.

Thanks for your consideration.