Diploma on the Theology of Sacred Art - Pontifically Validated, distance learning, with Residential Weekend in Kansas

maryvake.smallOpen to all. No qualification needed. Distance learning with residential weekends in the US or the UK The course is intended both for working artists and those interested in art (with the thought that you might become the future knowledgeable patrons of the art). The Maryvale Institute  which offers this course has a mission is to deliver degree-level education to working, mature students. As such it is designed so that no previous qualification is required in order to attend this course. The teaching method works from first principles and so anyone with the innate ability, almost regardless of previous levels of education, will flourish. This has been so successful that their methods have attracted attention in Rome and and a result the Maryvale Institute has been made the only Higher Institute of Religious Sciences - graduate and post-graduate level educational institution - with pontifical status in the English speaking world.

It is good news that its courses are now offered in the US via the Diocese of Kansas City, Kansas. This is not your standard online course - the Maryvale Institute has developed its own method of teaching at a distance through use of expertly designed coursebooks and attendance periodically at residential weekends. Termed 'collaborative learning' that is so effective that they view it as superior to the education received at conventional full time courses. The recent awarding of pontifical status is recognition of not only of its faithfulness to the Magisterium of the Church, but also the standard of excellence in the teaching offered.

The dates of the first residential weekend are July 12-15 (Friday-Monday). The link for courses are here. Contact Kimberly Rode from the archdiocese for information about both.

The year course costs only $1095 including course materials, tuition, accomodation and meals for the residential weekends and assessment. You will be required to buy a few books in addition to this.

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