Sacred Art Class at TMC

A chance to learn sacred art whatever your level, and to subsidise TMC students so that they can attend for free. I will teach this and it is offered free to Thomas More College students (who have to pay just the standard weekly charge for room and board in the dorm. Even though I am Artist in Residence at the college it is difficult for the students to get intensive tuition. To learn art properly needs blocks of time and this is difficult to organise in the packed timetable during term time. Therefore, I have decided to offer an additional class of four solid days, which will allow them to make some real progress and set them up to work in their own time afterwards. This class is also open to people from outside the college. This is a great chance to learn sacred art and so meet the students of the college as well. We will charge you for this (at what is still a reasonable price for art tuition) as we hope to recoup some of the costs of putting on this class for the students. Please spread the word to those who might be interested in attending or even donating so that this can become a regular feature in the TMC calendar. The cheap hotel rates mentioned in the poster are offered to all those who are connected with this class by the way.

sacred art class