Master of Sacred Arts at Pontifex University; A Unique Formation of Artists, Patrons of the Arts; and a Mystagical Catechesis for New Evangelists


Some of you will be aware of this program already, but not everyone!. The Master 0f Sacred Arts program at www.Pontifex.University was introduced last year (and we even have the first people about to graduate!). But I wanted to let you know that we now pretty much have all the courses up there created by a great faculty. So this is a range of classes that are rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition as well as practical classes in painting, sculpture and sacred geometry (as part of the Mathematics of Beauty course). The MSA offers a formation in beauty for artists, patrons of the arts and anyone who wants to contribute creatively to the transformation of the culture. It is a  chance to travel on the Way of Beauty in a way never before available.

Thank you to all at Pontifex for the creation of this unique program, it is such a pleasure for me to see this available. It is the result of over 20 years' work and study on my part and many hundreds of years of work if you include the unique contributions of our wonderful faculty.

Every course is unique to the Master of Sacred Arts. You can take the whole program or individual courses; audit or for credit to compliment what you already know or feel you can teach yourself.