Have Faith! Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and You


The Master 0f Sacred Arts program at www.Pontifex.University offers a formation in beauty for artists, patrons of the arts and anyone who wants to contribute creatively to the transformation of the culture. It is a  chance to travel on the Way of Beauty in a way never before available.

Our goal is to form the artists who will stand alongside any of the greats of the past, and who will transform the 21st century into a golden age that the will be viewed as important of any of the great cultural movements of past. This is a range of classes that are rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition as well as practical classes in painting, sculpture and sacred geometry (as part of the Mathematics of Beauty course). While the focus is on visual arts and architecture, this is a Catholic inculturation and formation that will help artists in any discipline (including, for example, literature and music). There are electives that allow for specialization in potentially any of these other creative fields.

Saints Martin, Jerome, and Gregory

Saints Martin, Jerome, and Gregory

It also provides also a theory of Christian culture that will enable any person to consider how their everyday activities can be informed by the pattern of Christ and so contribute to the evangelization of the culture through what is called the New Evangelization.

Every course is unique to the Master of Sacred Arts. You can take the whole program or individual courses; audit or for credit to compliment what you already know or feel you can teach yourself.

Course list

You need 30 credits minimum to obtain the MSA degree. For more details see www.Pontifex.University.

The mandatory subjects are as follows (21 credits):

  • A History and Practical Theology of Images, including the theory of the Way of Beauty and Christian culture (3 credits)
  • The New Testament in Words and Images (3 credits)
  • The Old Testament in Words and Images (3 credits)
  • The Bible and the Liturgy (3 credits)
  • The Mathematics of Beauty: harmony and proportion (2 credits)
  • Fundamentals of Beauty in Architecture (1 credit)
  • A Survey of Philosophy of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful (3 credits)
  • The Philosophy of Nature and of Man (3 credits)

You will require a minimum of 9 credits from any combination of the list below, which must include 6 ‘Studio’ credits or a written thesis:

  • Studio: A Study of Artistic Methods for Patrons and Artists (3 credits)
  • Studio: An Introduction to Sculpture (3 credits)
  • Studio: Approved workshops by arrangement eg Hexaemeron.org; St Cecilia Academy, Archdiocese of NY (3-6 credits)
    OR Thesis: 10,000-words, subject student choice approved by the Provos (6 credits)
  • The Words of the Mass (1 credit)
  • The Psalms in Words, Images and Prayer (3 credits)
  • Sacred Music (1  credit)
  • Christian Humanism in the Modern Cinema (1 credit)