Illuminated Manuscript of King David, Painted by Me

I have just completed this painting of King David. It is based on the image that is in the Westminster Psalter, which dates from about 1200AD. The original is an illuminated manuscript, this is painted in egg tempera on high quality paper. You can see the original beneath. It is 11" x 7" (image without the border is 10" x 6' and so, like the original, in the ratio 5:3 which is one of the fundamental ratios used in gothic proportion corresponding the structure of the ideal man, according to St Augustine). It is also defines the harmonic interval of a sixth, which as I understand it, was not considered harmonic in medieval times, when the original was painted, but was during the common practice period of music (from the 17th century onwards). To was as much due to an improvement in tuning practices as to changing tastes, I am told. if this is so, it does reinforce the value of the ratio in my mind.

King david