The Renovation of a 19th Century Rose Window in Austin, Texas...almost

Here are some photographs of the restored Rose Window at St Mary's Cathedral in Austin, Texas...well, almost. The window has been removed and part by part restored. All that remains is for it to be put back together in the church. In an article the Rose Window shown is a composite of many photographs of the individual parts put together with Photoshop.

I include some photos of the each part. The Cathedral was made in the 1850s and from the photos is beautiful. The design on the central part, by the way is a version of the quincunx - in which four spin out of one. Regular readers of my column will know immediately that this can be seen as a geometric representation of the four evangelists carrying the Word to the four corners of the world. You can see an old photo the window from the exterior and pictures of the separated parts. There is also on of the window viewed from the inside before the restoration started.

 There is an article about the renovation here