Audio of Talk Given In New York City: the Formation of the Catholic Artist

A training in skills, humility and beauty, which would be useful to all For any who are interested, here is a recording of a talk I gave in New York City recently. It is about the formation of the Catholic artist. The link is here. As I describe in the talk, this training aims not only to impart the technical skills necessary, but also forms the person in humility so that his instincts are to follow inspiration (should God choose to inspire him); and gives a formation in beauty that develops the artists intuitive sense of right relationship and harmony. It is a liturgical centered training so those aspects that form the person are not trained so much as given; in that they are the fruits of full and active participation in the liturgy. As such this training, therefore, is useful too (with minimal adaption) anybody, regardless of his personal vocation.

I should say that I was very impressed with my hosts, the Catholic Artists' Society in their emphasis on the importance of the spiritual life of the artist and its integration with his art. After the talk, Compline was sung in the chapel and all were encouraged to stay and pray. Before it the Hour began, we were given the text and simple musical score and the leader explained to those who might not have any experience what we were about to do, stressed the value of the Liturgy of the Hours and explained to us how to sing. It worked very well. I loved the way that they encouraged people to take the handouts home and think about making this part of the prayer life of the domestic church.

The link for the audio is here. (

The next event in this series is on December 14th and is a lecture by Alice Ramos of St Johns University.