St Ambrose - the Second Commission for Our Lady of the Mountains, Jasper, Georgia

IMAG0283Here is the second completed icon commissioned by Fr Charles Byrd of Our Lady of the Mountains. This is based upon a mosaic in Rome of St Ambrose that was completed in a period very close to when he lived. The beehive is associated with St Ambrose because of his honeyed words - he was an eloquent speaker and the scroll contains the opening words and music to the Te Deum, the liturgical hymn sung in the Office of Readings in the modern Office at every Feast and Sunday which is often attributed to him. St Ambrose wrote many hymns for the liturgy and to the degree that his name became associated with the form. In his Rule, St Benedict refers to the singing of 'Ambrosian' hymns at each office. This will be close to the other recently completed icon of St Gregory and so is intended to speak to it visually. For this reason I included very similar background and decoration.





Below I am in my studio working on its counterpart, St Gregory the Great, and with both in my studio.




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