Re-forming the History of the Reformation to Reflect the Truth

...and here's the surprise, it's the mainstream media that is doing it. From the English national daily newspaper, the Daily Telegraph (h/t - this is a very unusual pro-Catholic feature. It explains amongst many other things the importance in English daily life (beyond the popular and thriving religious piety of the ordinary Englishman) of the guilds which sponsored festivals, revelry and mystery plays on about 50 holy days a year. This was the common culture that bound the society together. It is this England of St Thomas More that points the way to a vibrant Catholic culture of today, and much of what we do at Thomas More College is drawing on this to picture in consideration of how to re-establish a modern but truly vibrant Catholic culture today.

The article even draws parallels between the attitude of modern government in manipulating history to that of Henry VIII and Kruschev. This is not a hysterical rant but a serious article by a historian.

Dominic Selwood's excellent piece entitled How A Protestant Spin Machine Hid the Truth About the English Reformation is here