A Walk in Wales

24 Here are some photographs of a walk my brother, Rob, and I took on trip this past month to Britain. We climbed a mountain in North Wales. It was about a 3000ft climb from a town called Capel Curig. The mountain peak is Moel Siabod (pronounced Mole Shabod). The wild terrain is typical high sheep pasture. The purple tinge to the hills is the flowering heather which was not quite in full season.

It was a beautiful day and when there's no wind and the sun shines it all seems very benign. But come wind, rain and snow and its a different story. In fact we tried to climb the same route about three years ago and had to turn back because the mist was so thick that became too dangerous to continue. As you can see from the photos, the peak of the mountain is on a ridge, one side of which is a sheer drop of several hundred feet.

This is the beauty of a landscape farmed by man for centuries. No wilderness here!

The path start alongside a stream and then you start to climb up through the trees and emerge on to the fells.



Below, halfway up and time for a snackette!


We stop occasionally to look at the path we have just climbed.


The heather is just coming into bloom...


As we approach the top we hit the ridge and can see the steep sided drop on the other side with the lake below


And from the top, the views are magnificent



The sheep seem to be enjoying the views too!