Interview With Catholic Composer George Sarah

Here is an interview with composer George Sarah, someone I have written about before on this site. It is a fascinating account of his conversion from atheism after a near death experience in a car crash in which Our Lady played a great part. He also talks about his devotion to the Latin Mass and his work in promoting it in Hollywood. George really is a figure who is engaging with contemporary culture in an unusual way. He is aware of the Catholic cultural tradition and incorporates this into what he does, and he is reaching many many people with his music. He has released 10 albums and is part of the Hollywood establishment, writing many TV and film scores. He thinks very carefully about the form of his music and how his faith might inform it. He is not composing music for the liturgy, but is aware of how contemporary culture ought in some way to be derived from it and point to it. He cites numerous influences and if I were to characterize what he does it is a sort of mixture of baroque, Erik Satie and 80s drum 'n' bass. To give you a sense of it, when he performs his music he will set up the electronic instruments and rhythm generators and hire a string quartet to play with him to whom he hands the score.. It's an eclectic mix that produces something original ...drums n bass n violins

This interview is in Regina Magazine which is interested as well in his devotion to the Latin Mass. You can read the interview here, and hear music at his FB page here.