Way of Beauty Psalm Tones Updated. Download Latest Version Now

Improved versions of Mode II, V and VIII  Those who use the psalm tones (the score of which can be downloaded from the Psalm Tones page on this this site) may be interested to know that I have added some modifications that allow for the singing of these modes in  a form that is slightly closer to the Latin. You will see that they have been added as additional options in so tones, and so I have not deleted the older, slightly more simple forms.

The most difficult to adapt to English is the very common Mode VIII tone. The melody  is so intimately tied to the rhythm of the Latin language that it has taken a long time and a lot of trial and error to find a version that can be transferred to the vernacular without jarring. Give it a try, Mode VII tone 2.

Because Modes II and Mode V have the same first bar as Mode VIII, these have been modified as well. I thought I might as well give you the choice of something slightly different, although I felt that these were working well before. Again, I have not removed the original tones, so this just gives you additional choice.

I hope very much that as you use these, you start to modify and develop them too, so that this become a living, developing and improving tradition. In the end someone will come up with some inspired forms that through their ease of singing and noble beauty will become the standard for English. I don't think we are quite there yet, but we are getting there!

You can see them at the Psalm Tones page...or here: All tones in eight modes and tonus peregrinus.Jan.2.2015