Chance to get free Scott Hahn book and up to 50% off Emmaus Road Publishing books

downloadI have just been told about the news that Scott Hahn’s St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology has merged with Emmaus Road Publishing. They are also partnering with Lighthouse Catholic Media, who many will know for the recorded talks sitting in racks at the back of churches. Lighthouse will serve as their distributor for their products. I am a great fan of all of Scott Hahn's books. He has a great gift for articulating what can ordinarily be quite dry and abstract subjects in a way that is accessible and interesting. His book the Lamb's Supper - the Mass as Heaven on Earth was a revelation (if you'll forgive the pun). It was the first time that the Book of Revelation had made any sense to me and it changed dramatically my whole idea of what the liturgy is.

The St. Paul Center was founded by Dr. Hahn to promote Scripture Study from the heart of the Church’s tradition. Similarly, Emmaus Road publishes authentically Catholic books that make all aspects of the faith accessible - as they put it, everything from sacraments to social issues, Church history to arts and culture.

I am happy therefore to give this project my support and wish it every success.

In order to attract attention to what they are doing at this early stage, is offering all books at discounted prices. All books are discounted up to 50%. Their catalog includes books by Mike Aquilina, Ralph Martin, Dan Burke, Emily Stimpson, Ted Sri, and many other popular Catholic writers. They are also giving away a free Scott Hahn book (Understanding “Our Father”) and will give you free shipping on one order.

He tells you about it here: