Recently completed icon of St Joseph

St JosephI recently completed this for my own icon corner. It is of St Joseph. The prototype came from one that I saw painted by a monk at Mt St Angel Abbey in Oregon. He had St Joseph returning from the temple with his son on his shoulder. I have added the focus of their interest in the top left hand corner, which represents the Father. The idea is that St Joseph, Our Lord's foster father and provider for the family participates in the fatherhood of the Heavenly Father of Our Lord. The Holy Spirit, represented by the dove completes the manifestation of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Spirit is the Love made present wherever human relationships are properly ordered, and who is the principle, again through an ordered relationship of love, who draws St Joseph, and each of us to Christ.

Faithful Christians can relate to Christ as man, and then by degrees are divinized so that we partake of the divine nature and relate to Christ as God. Through this relationship with God as man, we enter into the mystery of the Trinity and relate to each of the other divine persons. This happens most profoundly in the sacred liturgy. By this we are transformed and become better lovers, able to offer love back to God and other men as we participate in our daily lives.

St Joseph