Denis McNamara - on church architecture and the restoration of images.

Here is the eighth in the series of short videos by Denis McNamara, Professor on the faculty of the Liturgical Institute, Mundelein; his book is Catholic Church Architecture and the Spirit of the Liturgy.

This is the second video within the series that focusses on sacred images particularly. In this he argues for a resoration of sacred images in churches which respects a hierarchy of imagery. Describing first the reasons for the iconoclasm of period after Vatican II (with more charity towards those responsible than I could muster) he then indicates some principles by which we can restore imagery so that we don't just repeat the problems that existed before the Council. This means giving the altar greatest prominence followed by authentically liturgical art. This is art that depicts the heavenly liturgy in a form that is appropriate to the high purpose. He acknowledges that there is a place for devotional images in church provided they do not distract from the liturgical function.