Way of Beauty Principles Incorporated into New Catholic Grade School - Please Support This New Venture

I am delighted to announce that The Sanctuary Academy in Chicago, which is a newly founded Catholic  independent school that is devoted to a formation of young children so that they can contribute creatively to a culture of beauty. In this program education science, faith and art are united in the contemplation and creation of beauty. They are founding it on the principles of the Acton Academy model which promotes the values of the Acton Institute - human flourishing in a society of faith and freedom. In order to give it a distinctive and authentically Catholic ethos they are going to incorporate the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and the principles outlined in my book the Way of Beauty adapted for young children.

I am a friend of the Michael and Kelly Sullivan who are the founders, and if you follow the link here you will find a video in which they explain the concept and they are asking for support. This is an exciting new project and it deserves support they are asking for - I am honored to be on the Advisory Board for the Academy. As an incentive, if you give to the project they are offering a number of book, including a copy of the Way of Beauty!

For more information go here.