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The Master of Sacred Arts is a 30-credit Masters program that can be taken 100% online at www.Pontifex.University. Start when you want, work at your own pace and schedule.

It offers a formation in beauty for artists, patrons of the arts and anyone who wants to contribute creatively to the transformation of the culture. It is a  chance to travel on the Way of Beauty in a way never before available.

The core curriculum consists of:

A History and Practical Theology of Images

The Mathematics of Beauty

The Old Testament in Words and Images

The New Testament in Words and Images

The Bible and Liturgy

The Philosophy of Nature and of Man

A Survey of the Good, the True and the Beautiful from the Ancient Greeks to the Present Day

The Fundamentals of Beauty and Architecture.

Then there are 6 elective credits chosen from the following, which can be theoretical or practical.

An Instroduction to the Academic Method of Sculpture - online studio class

A Study of Artistic Method and Painting in Egg Tempera for Patrons and Artists - online studio class

The Words of the Mass

The Psalms in Words, Images and Prayer

An Introduction to Sacred Music

Christian Humanism in Modern Cinema

In addition you can earn studio credit for workshops taught by a number of partner institutions, such as,

For more information contact me direct or go to www.Pontifex.University