Catholic Art Guild Annual Conference, Chicago, November 4th.

The Catholic Art Guild, a recently established organization devoted to the support of Catholic artists, and which is associated with St John Cantius church, is holding its 2nd Annual Conference, a fundraising gala, at the Drake Hotel in Chicago on November 4th. A talk by NLM's own Peter K is one of the highlights of the event!

The conference is entitled "Formed in Beauty", and aside from Peter, it will feature Alexander Stoddart, Sculptor in Ordinary for Her Majesty the Queen in Scotland, Ethan Anthony, principal architect for Cram & Ferguson, and Juliette Aristides, Classical Realist Artist, author and founder of Aristides Atelier.

The focus of each of the two artists featured on the roster on this occasion is neo-classical naturalism. 

For more details, you can watch the promotional video below or go straight to their website, here. Tickets start at $200 and will be on sale until the end of October.

David Hume by Anthony Stoddart

David Hume by Anthony Stoddart