Do you have an STL or an MA in Theology? Fed up with coursework and high fees, but want to do a Doctorate?

Transmitting the teaching of Christ! Consider the low-coursework, research-focussed Theology Doctorate from Pontifex University. Affordable and 100% online.

www.Pontifex.University is a canonically Catholic university faithful to the Magisterium and our Th.D. is modelled on the traditional English system of research-based, low coursework programs.

If you have an MA in Theology or an STL from a Catholic university then you can go straight to the research stage. There is no cost for application and you can find more details at www.Pontifex.University or contact me, David Clayton, Provost direct on

In regard to the whole program, you can do everything online and at a distance (you can even do the dissertation defense via a video connection) which means that fees are kept to a fraction of many doctoral programs elsewhere and fees for the whole program will likely come in at between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on your precise background and qualifications.

There are many routes into the program, depending on your qualifications, if you have a first degree in any subject you can enrol for our Master of Theological Studies program, a 30 credit degree which will constitute the coursework requirement. If you have an STB or a Bachelor’s in Theology you will very likely be from some of the required the coursework.

Contact my, David Clayton, Provost of www.Pontifex.University direct at