New Outreach Project from the Eastern Catholic Church - For Both East and West!

Fr Hezekias Carnazzo, a Melkite Catholic priest, whom many will know through his work with the Institute of Catholic Culture, recently contacted me about the creation of a new institution organized in a very similar way: God With US Online is dedicated to the catechetical renewal of Eastern Catholics in the United States in accord with the Church’s call for the New Evangelization.

Those of you who are students at Pontifex University will recognize the name also. Fr Hezekias is the brother of Fr Sebastian Carnazzo who teaches the wonderful scripture classes for us and he is teaching classes for this project as well.

While the goal is to teach Eastern Catholics about their faith, it strikes me that this will be of great interest to many Roman Catholics also. People can watch the talks and participate in video conferences. For more information on the project and the program for the coming year, see the posters below.

GWU Curriculum - side 2.jpg
GWU Curriculum - side 1.jpg
GWU - Sept 2019 - Face of God.jpg