A Thomist speaks on the spirit of man! Re discovering the lost works of Abbot Antonio Rosmini-Serbati

I wanted to pass one a comment that was made after my last article on St Thomas Aquinas and the spirit of man in philosophical anthropology. I was made in a private group that discussed this question as a result of this posting. It is quite long so thought I would add it as a separately.

You may remember I was asking why Thomists seem to avoid a deep discussion of the spirit in man. The idea of the spirit comes to us from scripture in which St Paul describes, in Galatians for example, man as ‘body, soul and spirit’.

After the first posting appeared, this came to me as a jpeg via text, and I don't have access to the original, hence the jpeg format here. I haven't credited the writer of the comment because it came to me via someone who is not the writer, but to you who wrote this, if you read this and wish to identify yourself, I will be happy to credit you, otherwise, thank you for your insights!


I had never heard of Rosmini before, but this does sound worthy of investigation to me! I found this book of his on Amazon, which may be a starting point for any who are curious.