Episode 10 – Rachel Fulton Brown on How A True, Medieval-Style Devotion to Mary Will Save the Faith and the Culture

Today I am in conversation with Rachel Fulton Brown from the Department of History at the University of Chicago and who is an expert in medieval history specializing in the history of Marian devotion.

I heard her interviewed by Thomas Woods and decided I want to hear more from her. The main focus of that conversation was the controversy that surrounded her recent reception into the Church and how, among other things, her writing and talking about the Faith has caused difficulties in the secular world of modern academia.

In the course of this, however, she mentioned, almost in passing, her conviction that the way to evangelize the culture and renew the Church in the modern era is for the faithful to have a deeper, richer understanding of the role of Mary in salvation, and a pattern of prayer and worship that reflects this. I wanted to know more about this.

In our conversation, we do touch on the controversy too, but focus more on how devotion to Mary within the Church has become influenced by a materialist, secular outlook - even amongst orthodox Catholics and the detrimental effect this has had on the Church and on the wider culture. Offering some hope, we discuss also what we can do today to help remedy this - a spiritual life of Daily Mass and the Rosary won’t cut it if it is not informed by this deeper approach to devotion to Mary! Rachel presents a compelling vision of the great Mother of God, the God-bearer and the Mother of Wisdom, that informs our understanding of Salvation History, of Scripture, and of the cosmos.

She also talks - and here comes the controversy - about her friendship with Milo Yiannopoulos, and we talk about how, despite his not being a practicing Catholic, he is one of strongest and most effective public advocates for orthodox Catholicism around today.

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