Episode 14 - Science and Medicine Need Help - And Thomist Philosophy Has the Answers

This was a great conversation! I talk to Pontifex University faculty member, Dr. Michel Accad about what Thomist philosophy can add to modern medicine and scientific research. This is a wide ranging discussion covering topics such as how medicine ignores the soul and science ignores substance and form and why this is so important.


Did you know, for example, that the explosion in obesity in the US in the last 30 years - and all the medical complications that arise from that - come out of public policy that has at its heart in insufficient anthropology? This is not an anti-science or anti-medicine diatribe - on the contrary he acknowledges the wonderful advances made in both areas in the last 200 years - rather he is arguing that these could be transformed into something even better by being more in harmony with human life and promoting health and happiness.

Michel teaches Philosophy of Nature and Philosophical Anthropology for Pontifex University’s Master of Sacred Arts course and he is about to create his own series of instruction videos designed to teach scientists philosophy called Science Needs Help.

Based in San Francisco, Michel is an experienced cardiologist who also practices general medicine. He is also a philosopher who has published with The Thomist, and a writer on medical science, medical practice and the economics of medical provicision who has been published by medical journals such as The Lancet.

His blog, and podcasts are intended primarily for medical practitioners can be found at alertandoriented.com and accadandkoka.com

The website for his San Francisco medical practice is www.draccad.com

Hippocrates of the traditional oath for doctors.

Hippocrates of the traditional oath for doctors.