Episode 22 - Transforming Your Future: Finding a New Direction After the Seminary

A little over a year ago, my Pastor, Fr. Sebastian Carnazzo referred a friend of his to me for some help. Ryan had just left seminary in Florida was looking for a new direction in life. Fr Sebastian thought that the Vision for You process might help. Now he has been through the process and everything has changed.

In this episode, Ryan tells us his story. He describes his impressions of going through the process and how it has transformed his future - he has greater hope and confidence in God’s love. He has a strong sense of where he is going and the steps he is going to take towards them. All the time trusting in God’s providence and knowing that whatever that path presents to him - it’s not always what he expects- it is good.

He has some great insights into the fruits of the process that I found fascinating as I had not heard them before.


You can buy the two books that describe the process on Amazon.com.

First, the detailed description of the process: The Vision for You - How to Discern the Life You Were Made For

Second, the abridged version The Vision for You: A Short Summary of the Spiritual Exercises and a Manual to Accompany Workshops