Episode 50 - The Vision for You, Part 3 - The fun part! Discerning your personal vocation.

Here is the third and final talk in the series that I did for the Institute of Catholic Culture. The talk can be found here (scroll down the page) along with previous two week’s and all the handouts which can be downloaded.

This is the really fun part - actually discerning your vocation and making it happen. It begins with a simple question, if you inherited so much money that you never had to work again for the money, what would you choose to do, 9-5, five days a week? That is what you should do and this talk explains how it is possible, against all the odds.

Here is the father of modern fly fishing, Frederick Halford (d 1914), also known as the Detached Badger tying dry flies in Victorian England. Someone had to do this, and if God wants you to do it, then you can too, you just have to have faith enough to try, one small step at a time.