Episode 32 - Sacred Music Composer Paul Jernberg: Nourishing the Sacred Gift of the Traditions of Holy Music

Composer of Paul Jernberg talks his mission to save the music of the ordinary parish. He describes the development of the traditions of chant, as music that ‘clothes’ the text of the liturgy. He tells us of how each of the Apostolic Churches developed its own tradition of chant, and how recognition of the universal principles that unite the Syriac, Coptic, Ge’ez (of Ethiopia and Eritrea), Roman, Gallican and Byzantine traditions is necessary for composition today. He distinguishes between the forms of authentically sacred music and those of art music - the music of the conservatory - which does not serve the liturgy fully.

Contact Paul Jernberg at pauljernberg.com; and the Magnificat Institute of Sacred Music at magnificatinstitute.org

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