Episode 35 - Fr Brad Elliot O.P. : Why Do Christians Flirt with the Errors of Marxism and Democratic Socialism?

We discuss why Christians are attracted to Marxism and why they are mutually exclusive. You can’t be rational and simultaneously be Christian and Marxist! Why even democratic socialism - yes, the ideology so popular with today’s millennial - is a manifestation of Marxist ideology and so incompatible with Christianity too.

Marxism and socialism sees man and his freedom as dispensable to the ‘greater good’ which is a flawed understanding of the Christian idea of the common good; it is deliberately deceitful in its aims and promotes conflict within society. It offers a secular and whacky, beyond-New-Age vision of Utopia that appeals to its adherents at the level of a deep assent of faith. Marxism does not recognize objective truth and so is prepared to lie and misrepresent to achieve its aims. Those socialists and Marxists who are honest and well motivated must be ignoring or unaware of the contradiction between their political ideology and what it good and true and beautiful.

We also discuss how the intersection of the green movement, environmentalism and climate science is a ‘perfect storm’ for the left and how their proposal of increased government control and ultimately of world government will destroy man and because man is intrinsic to a well balanced environment will therefore destroy the environment too, all the in the name of saving it. Only Christianity can save man and the environment.

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