Episode 40 - Paul Jernberg #7 Seven Principles for Introducing Good Sacred Music in Your Parish

It’s all very well setting out the ideals of beautiful music, but does your parish get there with the people who are available. Paul Jernberg sets out some clear principles to help:

  1. Cultivate a good disposition of worship as an example

  2. Cleanse the liturgy of heretical texts

  3. Find musicians and singers who are on board with the vision

  4. Be aware that the music director is a facilitator and manager of the resources and does not do everything.

  5. Every necessary and authentic role withing the liturgy is an authentic act of worship if it is approached in that way.

  6. Have a clear sense of the ideal you are aiming for and chart out the path for people in the parish so that they understand the process and the pace with which you introduce it.

  7. Invest time and resources in occasional special liturgies, as far as possible, so that as far as possible people can experience the ideal you describe and will understand then, the changes you make.