Episode 42 - David Clayton on The Book of Kells - Beauty that Beguiled Oliver Cromwell!

Here is a webcast I did for fantastic Institute of Catholic Culture. The Book of Kells is so beautiful that not even old misery guts himself, Oliver Cromwell, puritanical iconoclast, could bring himself to destroy it. It was after his invasion of Ireland in the 16th century that it was taken to its current location at Trinity College, Dublin.

I give a brief history of the book and discuss the basis of the distinctive artistic style and how that arose from the pariticular use that it was designed for in 10th century Ireland. I also consider the question as to whether we ought to create such a book today? You might think that it is obvious that we should (assuming we have anyone capable of it), but there are some problems - would actually read it if we did? Wouldn’t it just be a museum peice from the moment it is created? If that’s the case, then what sort of gospel can be beautiful and read today? To watch follow the link below through to Vimeo (click ‘Watch on Vimeo’ after clicking the image below)