Episode 47 - Charlie Deist on anaturalmethod.com and the Body, Soul and Spirit movement

Charlie and I are back together, relaxing in the St. Jerome convent cloistered garden talking about exercise, posture, and nutrition. Charlie describes how he discerningly pulls together elements from a fin-de-siecle member of the French foreign legion, Alexander technique and ‘MovNat’ and presents his ideas in his new blog and website, anaturalmethod.com. He also discusses how nutrition fits into this. He talks about a high fat, medium protein, low carbohydrate diet, with intermittent fasting!

It strikes me that this process of looking at the nature of man and considering how he can be healthy and graceful is folly in line with the holistic vision of the Way of Beauty. This is the new Body, Soul and Spirit movement. What the New Age should have been.

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