Episode 19 - Jonathan Pageau on his art and evangelizing the culture through symbols

Jonathan Pageau is an artist who sculpts icons, and an expert in the symbolism of art who is working to re-awaken our sense of the symbolic in every aspect of life, sacred and mundane. His film reviews attract large numbers of views on You Tube and half of his audience is atheist. His new crowdfunded project on promoting symbolism, which he refers to in the discussion is www.patreon.com/jonathanpageau

Iconography and Iconology are the study of the sacred image and the symbolism of the content respectively. Jonathan Pageau is someone who is both a master craftsman and and a deep understanding of both. This has relevance in the Christian life way beyond the church building, it extends out into every human endeavor.

Jonathan talks about these things, his Orthodox faith and his hopes for the reunification of the Church!