Episode 20 - The Prayer Life That Will Help Us Create the Cloister in the Cul de Sac

Charlie Deist and I talk about the prayer and how with God’s grace we can be in community through being in communion. As a member of the Church we need never be lonely.

There was one item that I referred to that is worth posting in the notes. First the generic office. This is one to mark an hour which you can memorise. It has the shortest psalm!

  • Psalm 116(117)

    Oh praise the Lord all you nations, Praise him all you peoples, For his merciful kindness is more and more towards us, And the truth of the Lord endureth forever

  • Eight Jesus Prayer

    Lord Jesus Christ son of God have mercy on my a sinner (8 times)

  • The Way of Beauty prayer

    God be in my thoughts and words and deeds

    Send your Holy Spirit to guide us, grace responding to grace

    May the beauty of my work inspire those who see it to love as Christ loved

    That through worship of you and charity to others

    All may know Your peace and joy.